Financing for real estate

Secure future despite rising real estate prices

Future financial security depends on suitable and long-term financing. It is particularly important to compare several offers in order to find the right option for your future. With IFIN financing advice, you can access future income today - leave nothing to chance!

IFIN Real Estate Financing, Secure future despite rising real estate prices

Personal first interview

We will discuss with you the key data of your project and all questions concerning the financing of your house or flat.

IFIN Real Estate Financing, Secure future despite rising real estate prices

Determination of financing needs

Whether construction financing or another type of financing: we show you which options and financing amounts are suitable for you.

IFIN Real Estate Financing, Secure future despite rising real estate prices

Market comparison & preparation of offers

IFIN compares several offers from renowned banks and building societies and works out an individual financing concept for you.

IFIN Real Estate Financing, Secure future despite rising real estate prices

Selection & implementation of your financing

You receive all the offers from your advisor and decide together with him or her which option is best for you.

Obtaining offers and preparing offers for your financing are free of charge and non-binding. We are happy to support you in your search for the optimal real estate financing. The financing offer is adapted to your everyday life and your financial circumstances.

  • We will arrange a flexible appointment with you, in person or by phone. The discussion and offer are free of charge and non-binding.

  • We work closely with more than ten banks and building societies and know their conditions and options when it comes to financing your property.

  • You build on the know-how of a trained professional. We are trained investment advisors.

  • Thanks to our constantly updated market overview, we are able to offer innovative and future-oriented financing options.

  • We provide you with independent advice and ensure a convenient and simple process so that you can start a secure future without worries.

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Real estate financing: FAQs

What home financing is available in the Building & Housing sector?

You can open a housing account to finance your house. After taking out the loan and opening the housing account, you are ready to go. The financing institution opens the housing account, where the agreed loan amount is released. The account can now be used for the construction in part or in full. The possibility of a housing account does not only exist for a new building, but is also possible for a conversion. Interest is only due on the amount drawn down. The requirement can be calculated well in advance and can, if possible, be combined with a housing subsidy.

Would you like to take advantage of a housing subsidy?

In Austria, the responsibility lies with the federal states and is therefore a matter for the federal states. It is important to know that the funding guidelines are implemented differently for each federal state. The construction of new buildings, extensions and conversions, extensions or renovations are generally eligible for funding.
We will gladly support you in your project by searching for the appropriate housing subsidy. Here you will find all the current information and forms for your province quickly and in detail:

What is a consumer loan?

A consumer loan is often used for equity pre-financing. With a personal/consumer loan, the security for the bank lies only in the person and his income itself. There is no collateral other than the income itself or any savings or insurance products. Therefore, the financing institution assesses the risk somewhat higher and thus offers a higher interest rate than with a real estate loan. A somewhat more favourable interest rate can be found, for example, when buying a car, since the car is considered collateral, or when investing in home furnishings. With a personal loan, the reason for which you need the money is not of great relevance, as long as the affordability corresponds to the desired loan amount.

Decisive for you are:

  • Runtime

  • Credit amount

  • Interest rate (effective interest rate)

  • Monthly charge

  • Ancillary costs (processing fees, account management, additional products)

Since interest rates are somewhat higher for personal loans, a shorter term is often recommended if the loan is affordable. The maximum term is 10 years. Under certain circumstances, the term can be extended to 15 years. A comparison of the conditions is also very important here. If you already have a consumer/private loan, it makes sense to check whether the conditions are still in line with the market. A debt restructuring can also be advantageous. Read more about this in the section on debt restructuring.

How does debt restructuring work?

The steps in debt restructuring are very similar to those in a normal financing application. Debt does not have to be unnecessarily expensive due to interest if the current market allows for a better interest rate level than when the loan was taken out. In the current low-interest phase, it makes perfect sense to compare again. Likewise, if you are currently stuck in an increasingly expensive or uncertain foreign currency loan (e.g. CHF - Swiss franc loan), rescheduling can pay off for you at the current interest rates in Austria. If savings are possible for the remaining term, we will present you with suitable financing offers and advise you on the possibilities. It remains free of charge & non-binding for you even when we make an offer.

Which points are crucial for a profitable debt restructuring?

  • Processing costs for debt rescheduling

  • Incidental costs (notary, land register,...)

  • Penalty in the current credit agreement

  • Realisation of a loss on foreign currency loans

The information on this page does not constitute investment or financing advice. Please contact one of our advisors without obligation. Please note the information on brokering financing and financial products in our imprint.
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